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Pull-N-Pak is a registered trade mark of Crown Poly Inc. CA. USA. Products are Patent Protected.

Pull-N-Pak provides retailers increased produce sales through:-

Excellence in presentation

Excellence in customer convenience

Improved produce "load in" dynamic

Excellence in presentation

No bag streamers common with "roll on a pole"

Green recycled plastic

Modern dispenser

Excellence in customer convenience

Bags are held by dispenser finger and thumb for easy customer access

Bags are dispensed one-at-a-time so customers easily detach the bag

Bags are preopened on the roll so customers easily open the bag in their hand

Improved load in dynamic

Star sealed bag is pear shaped so produce naturally spreads out when placed in bag maximising space for additional produce to load in

10% of population buy until the bag is "full"

Simple Installation

Attach stand to flat bed produce table with 4 screws. (Customer supply)

Attach dispenser to stand with single fastener (Supplied)

Wall mount, floor stand, counter mount also available
Bag Streamer
Poor produce load in dynamic with heat sealed gusseted bag (left) compared to star sealed bag (right)
Pull-N-Pak Excellence in Presentation